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Investment Management

Investment Management is a business, not a part-time job. 

Our clients have worked hard to build assets; we work equally hard to enhance and protect those assets. As wealth managers, we take an objective, unbiased approach, tailoring each plan to enhance, protect and ultimately transfer family wealth. 

We do not try to be all things to all people. We concentrate on meeting the complex financial needs of a select member of wealthy individuals and families. Because we limit the number of clients with whom we work, we are able to deliver an exceptional level of service. 

With the support of a team of specialists from a variety of financial disciplines, we offer a broad range of financial services, covering numerous areas of wealth management issues including: 

1. Cash flow analysis and projections 

2. Insurance Planning 

3. Liquidity Need Recommendations 

4. Liabilities Protection Strategies 

5. Qualified Retirement Plan / IRA Issues 

6. Business Succession Planning 

7. Estate Coordination and Power of Attorney Issues 

8. Executor/Successor Trustee Issues 

9. Charitable Gift planning 

10. Titling of Assets Issues 

11. Tax Reduction Strategies 

Asset allocation is one component to long-term investment success.
Every serious investor should have an asset allocation policy ’ a strategy that diversifies client assets among a variety of investments. 

Market timing does not work.
Correctly predicting when to get in and out of the financial markets is virtually impossible. Each time you correct getting out correctly also requires you buy back correctly. 

Emotions should not govern investment decisions.
Market noise may influence the way an investor feels, but it is not a good basis for making changes in portfolio strategy. 

No single investment approach will work all the time.
The market is not a machine that moves in regular, predicable patterns, therefore, no single investment approach performs well 100% of the time.