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Investment Philosophy

Our investment philosophy is defined by a stringent set of principles, which guides us and our clients in creating long-term strategies designed to achieve your specific investment goals and objectives. 

We manage the greatest risk factors for our clients: 

1. Asset Allocation- we structure the unique asset allocation that is reflective of each of our client’s current situation and goals. Not only do we structure this unique asset allocation model for each client, we also rebalance it on a frequent basis as the market changes. We reallocate it as personal and market conditions dictate. Our portfolios typically include cash, bonds, equities, commodities, currencies (or hedges), trade alternative assets and non-traded alternative assets. 

2. Duration of investment horizon - short-term volatility in the market creates psychological factors in investors that cause many to fail. If you feel like you always "buy high and sell low" you are probably a victim of this risk factor. Ask us how our unique approach can help you overcome this risk. 

3. Asset Selection - the specific fund or managers within the portfolio of each client and the interrelationship of each of these assets is also critical. We believe that each investment, fund, or manager must both be a quality investment standing alone as well as interrelate with other assets in the portfolio. 

4. Asset Location - various types investments are more efficient and effective in different locations which include IRAs, ROTH IRAs, retirement plans, taxable accounts, annuities, insurance, etc. These decisions are significant factors in determining how much of your money you and your heirs keep. We can design a plan for you with all these factors in mind.